Interview with soul legend William Bell

Read  the in-depth interview article by “Heikki Suosalo” for Soul Express Magazine

Every song reviewed "I WILL REMEMBER TONIGHT

EXCERPT 1: "I Will Remember Tonight is a smooth, melodic and gently flowing mid-tempo song with a bit of country to it, too. William co-wrote the song with Greg Humphries. “Greg is a wonderful musician and a session player. He has a band of his own and he resides between Nashville and New York. He was brought to me by my management, Charles Driebe from Blind Ambition. He said that here’s a young guy you should consider writing something with. Greg came to my studio in Atlanta, stayed almost a week and we came up with four really good songs and two of them I got on this CD.”

Excerpt 2: “William: “When you win a Grammy, everybody wants you. ‘Everybody loves a winner’ (laughing). I got busy. I was travelling and touring with the Take Me to the River organization. We had a movie out. It’s a wonderful organization of teaching the kids about the origin of music. We were doing the screening and touring for two years. When I finally came off the road, I had to take it a little lighter, to get rested. I wanted to really take my time to write some songs that were telling about the times that we’re living now.READ THE FULL INTERVIEW

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