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The Soul music icon returns this spring with an album that shows us that at 83 he has lost none of his brilliance. 

Read William Bell “One Day Closer To Home” 
review in French abs Magazine 
23 mai 2023 marcel “big chief” editor ABS MAG #82, Chroniques READ NOW

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Soul music legend William Bell rides his career resurgence with new album 

Read this great review by SCOTT FREEMAN·MAY 5, 2023 published by ARTSATL 

EXCERPT " It’s common enough for a classic era singer or band to enjoy a career resurgence after years away from the spotlight. But it is most uncommon for that resurgence to happen when the singer is in their 70s and 80s. Which is exactly what has happened for William Bell, the Stax Records icon who scored his first hit more than 60 years ago. “I’m a late bloomer,” Bell jokes… END OF EXCERPT READ FULL ARTICLE



Old-School Soul: Class Is Still in Session 

Old-School Soul: Class Is Still in Session
A Curmudgeon Column
By Geoffrey Himes  |  May 30, 2023 | 9:06am

Excerpt "Old-school soul music—much like swing, reggae, British Invasion rock or countless other once-popular genres—may have lost its market share, but it has not lost its musical value. Soul has entered that cultural twilight zone, where it is neither a major force nor mostly forgotten. End of Excerpt READ THIS FULL FANTASTIC REVIEW

(Photo by: Ginette Callaway)



1570 Woodmont Drive 
Tuscumbia, AL  35674
May 15 thru May 21 2023


1.  William Bell  -  One Day Closer To Home  - Let's Make Loving Great Again  -  Wilbe Records
2.  Jaye Hammer -  Be Happy  -  You’re Cheating On Me  -   Ecko
3.  Bobby Rush  -  One Monkey Can Stop A Show  -  One Monkey Can Stop A Show  -  72 Music
4.  The Delta Blues Outlaws  -  Love…

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Roadhouse Album Review William Bell’s smooth and sexy soul music... 

Roadhouse Album Review: William Bell’s smooth and sexy soul music defines this classic singer’s “One Day Closer to Home” Jim White

William Bell is one of the original soul men. One of the last standing. Still creating that sweetly satisfying soul music — and more.

On his latest and 15th album, Bell turns loose his still-smooth 83-year-old pipes on a dozen finely crafted and perfectly executed songs that stretch the boundaries of soul music into a broader picture of American music. READ FULL

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Great write up in Creative Loafing Atlanta 

BLUES & BEYOND: May flowers with new music Fresh tunes from some of Atlanta’s most talented artists.

By HAL HOROWITZ Tuesday April 25, 2023 10:42 AM 
Who doesn’t love spring in Atlanta? The heat and humidity of the hellish summer has yet to hit, the foliage comes to life in vibrant colors, and outdoor concerts return in force. Adding to the seasonal excitement this year are new albums from established veterans along with one up-and-coming talent… READ ALL ABOUT IT