I Finally won a Grammy in 2017 Best Americana Album This Is Where I live

William Bell Grammy Award This Is Where I Live Best America Album









It really was an amazing experience to finally win a Grammy. The Best Americana Album in 2017 "This Is Where I Live"!   You can check out the Grammy Website for details. 

Here is a quote from one of the many interviews that followed.  

"My writing is about truth, you know? People all over the world can relate to what's happening in their lives if it's done in a truthful way."

After many hits that placed high in the charts, sold in the millions, finally I won not only a Grammy nomination but the final victory. Well it was just in time, because I began to think I was "Born Under A Bad Sign!" I am grateful to Producer & Co-Writer John Leventhal and for all the talented people that were a part of the creation of "This Is Where I Live"!

So after my Grammy success I received lots of love from all corners of the music industry, old and new fans, many interview requests and naturally I appreciate and enjoy the attention and honor. It's true "Everybody Loves A Winner"!

My new songs are soon to be released and I once again drew from my own life experiences, poured truth and hopefully a bit of wisdom into those lyrics.
Needless to say, I hope maybe there will be another Grammy in the future. We'll see. Wish me luck. Leave me some comments. Do you have a story about a William Bell song you like best?

Behind The Scenes the making of a Grammy Album

Our live performance
Gary Clark Jr., William Bell - Born Under a Bad Sign (LIVE from the 59th GRAMMYs)


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