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The Southern Soul Video Network made William's video # 1 this week  

A shout out to the The Southern Soul Video Network for making William Bell's video  "Let's Make Loving Great Again # 1 this week. We really appreciate it, it's such a wonderful surprise! If you have not seen the video and listened to the great soul music voice of William Bell, go ahead and do it now. Give us as much love on YouTube as you can. THUMBS UP… COMMENTS and SUBSCRIBE & SHARE All that will help us rank higher on YouTube. 


William Bell On STAX Records. This Is Where I Live in Vinyl 

William Bell On Stax Records


Purchase "This Is Where I Live" as a vinyl



Stax records has a wonderful William Bell page with interesting information and anecdotes

EXCERPT: Early in life, William Bell had thought to become a doctor. Singing was just a relaxing pastime reserved for social gatherings. But friends convinced him to try his hand at entertaining and he and his group won second prize at the annual Mid-South Talent Contest of Memphis, Tennessee. The prize was a recording contract with Stax Records.

As a sideline to his music career, William Bell is also an actor. A graduate of the two-year program at the Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts in Atlanta, , where he now resides, he has played a variety of acting roles in stage plays while enrolled at the school. He is probably the only Black actor to play the role of Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. END OF EXCERPT



Update on new song releases for 2023 

William Bell In The StudioHello friends and fans, here is a quick update on the upcoming release of 12 new songs "One Day Closer To Home". 

We had originally planned a February release but due to publicity scheduling, we are pushing the release forward to April. While you are patiently waiting for the full album release, we do have a little surprise. We will drop a single very soon. It's a track from the new album. Which one? That will be a surprise!  We know everyone is hungry for the new songs but we count on you to hold on for a little while longer! We appreciate you very much! Hang in there, it's coming!

William Bell & Crew

William Bell Tribute Video by NEA National Heritage Fellows  

William Bell Tribute Video by NEA National Heritage Fellows To be honored by the National Endowment for the arts Heritage Fellows is one of the greatest honors I have received in my career as an artist. I appreciate it very much and thank them. The tribute video is excellent, I hope you watch it.  

Thank you for letting me share my music with you and thank you dear fans and friends. You are the engine that keeps me going.

~William Bell




Announcement New Songs are coming 

William Bell is ready to drop 12 new amazing songs on February 17th 2023. 
A collection of well written and expertly produced ballads and up-tempo songs. Lyrics that speak of a life of experiences in Love but also heartache and pain. Music that all people can relate to, words that reach the hearts of millions, that is William Bell's trademark. 

He won't disappoint with these new songs. William, despite a long life and career filled with success, hasn't slowed down. He is as fresh as the day he first took the stage in Memphis as a member of the group THE DEL RIOS.

Watch for the drop and more information soon. Join our mailing list to stay  informed. Share williambellmusic.com on your social media and don't leave without signing William's guestbook. William likes to hear from his fans directly!

The song “One day Closer To Home” was released earlier in 2022. You may listen to it here or download from Amazon

Play our Sample preview player for some of the new songs at bottom of pages. 

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